or, Everything Else You Wanted To Know About Drinking Water, But Didn't Know Who To Ask

Visit the best websites covering the 'what and how' to bring water back to acceptable levels. Numerous tables, mostly from the USA, are available on the internet.

1. Following are two separate charts, both from the same American source - Cyber-Nook.com.

* After studying them thoroughly, we believe you will be convinced that waters improved by Steam Distillation and Reverse Osmosis are by far the only drinking waters that consistently perform the best, and that is how we produce our Refresh Pure Water® (vapour compression 'steam' distilled) and Drink up® (reverse osmosis).

* The owner of Cyper-Nook.com confirmed to me that his distillers were small, 'home type' operating at atmospheric pressure, not the Vapour compression method to produce 'steam' distillation used to make Refresh Pure Water®.

These are the most thorough sources on the web that we have found covering methods of cleaning up drinking water. The charts offer a wealth of information, and allow you to view the entire, informative website too:

cyber-nook.com/water/treatment-table.html and cyber-nook.com/water/WaterTreatment.htm.


2. A slightly abbreviated water management site, from the South Dakota State University (USA) Cooperative Extension Service - Drinking Water Standards (pdf file): is fine for a quick reference.

When evaluating the above, and you consider the combination we use of:

Activated charcoal 'pre and post' filtration, Vapour compression distillation and/or reverse osmosis, and Ozone treatment,

it shows what a terrific combination we have to produce Refresh Pure Water® and Drink up®.

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