Distillation is widely acknowledged to provide the broadest treatment capability of any single water treatment method.

dmurdochIn combination with:

small arrow icon blk Up-front sediment (particulates) removal

small arrow icon blk De-aeration (removal of dissolved gases), and

small arrow icon blk Activated carbon polishing (removal of volatile organics)

DISTILLATION provides an ionically and bacterially, 'pyrogen-free' water, suitable for most high-purity water needs - including drinking.

With additional ion-exchange polishing, distilled water can meet even the most demanding laboratory applications requiring consistently ultra-pure water. H2AU's specialty is 'steam distillation'.

It mimics Nature's timeless method of endlessly purifying and recycling the finite amount of water available on Planet Earth.

In H2AU's small, commercial steam-distillers, water is distilled in a vacuum chamber, at around body-temperature, not 100 deg C as in an open distilling process.

The consequence of mimicking Nature in this way, is that H2AU's steam vacuum-distillers use just 14% of the energy consumed by typical, conventional distillers, such as those found in laboratories, or used for other small commercial applications.

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