Most people are able to recognise when a water quality problem exists. Far fewer, however, have the knowledge or experience to recognise just what is causing the quality problem, and fewer still have any idea how to rectify a water quality problem.

wendouree1In the water treatment industry it is very common to receive enquiries for "a filter to fix my water", or some other equally vague request. Such requests reflect the fact that many people expect that there will be a bandaid type fix, which will rectify any and every water quality problem.

To understand the complexity of water treatment issues, various parameters, which can affect water quality, are listed below.

SUSPENDED AND COLLOIDAL MATTER: small arrow icon blk covers colour and/or cloudiness. It normally consists of soil particles, algae, and growth from bacteria, to name a few. Filtration will usually improve the water quality, but the addition of coagulation and flocculation chemicals to help the filtration process may also be required.

DISSOLVED SUBSTANCES: small arrow icon blk even though crystal clear, waters can often become contaminated with various salts and other contaminants during its 'water cycle'. Usually the water will have been underground, and is often associated with 'hardness' due to the multitude of microscopic minerals and metals now connected to the original out of the clouds - H2O - water molecule. Additionally, nasty man-made pesticides and toxic chemicals can also be present to affect the taste and safety to consume or use for irrigating crops. Methods for removal of these items often requires more complex treatment processes and could include technologies such as membranes and ion exchange.

MICROBIOLOGICAL SUBSTANCES: small arrow icon blk can contaminate water with bacteria, viruses, cysts, and even parasitic eggs and larvae. Treatment can vary but could include the addition of chlorine and ozone, sterilisation by ultra violet light, or very fine filtration.

IN SUMMARY: small arrow icon blk the complex solution to water treatment is not "a one treatment fits all". At Wendouree, we specialise in the membrane processes such as Reverse Osmosis. We also supply consultancy on water quality matters, and can recommend a cost effective technology for any water quality problem.

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