4-Litre Special Distiller

It is the hottest home-style alcohol making machine on the market. It can preserve the great flavor of your favorite liquor and allow you to enjoy the fun of DIY.

Advantages: clean, safe, economical, and environmentally friendly.

Functions: distilling various liquids (e.g. essential oil,spirits,whisky etc.).
very drop is pure, mellow, and good in taste.
………………… We can provide the distiller with your required voltage/plug.

Please note: Please never use distiller to distil high concentrations alcohol or over 50% isopropyl alcohol in order to avoid malfunction.

MH- DA4B: + Glass bottle

MH- DA4W: + PP bottle

Water Distiller Material Descriptions:

DA4: 4litre Stainless Steel Round Shaped Shell

B: White Top

W: Stainless Steel Lower Cover

Extra stainless steel filter can be purchased separately

A stainless steel filter can be applied on the vapor entrance to prevent liquid residue blockage.

Making your own wine with most environmentally friendly materials. (100% organic)
Making the purest and best quality wine in the world all by yourself
Self-control whole distillation process.
This machine is limited to wine making only.
Homemade wine for personal use only and not for sale.
Do not drink and drive

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