Top Health Distiller Model: MH-943TWS

The basic principle behind making distilled water is to boil water into steam, then to cool it to collect the pure water from the vapour.

The main advantage of distilled water is that it is 100% boiled, sterilized, clean, safe, and environmentally friendly.

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Megahome/Top Health water distiller product features
A variety of safety certifications that are recognizable internationally, which guarantees our product safety.
We have exported 98% of our products outside of Taiwan for over 20 years; therefore, our reputation is guaranteed.
We are professional manufacturers. We provide excellent product quality, and efficient after-sales service that allow our consumers to use our products safely.

All our materials adhere strictly to the RoHS standard.

No installation required, does not take a lot of space, and easy to operate.

Our products are environmentally friendly, and it does not require filter replacements.

It is safe, and it has an auto power off system.

Easy to maintain and easy to clean.

It produces stable water quality with zero pollution.

It can produce 100% pure distilled water anywhere, anytime, and with any kind of water.

High quality water also requires a safe bottle that ensures that your drinking water is always in the safest and cleanest condition.

(A 4-liter glass bottle and 4-liter PP bottle allow you to stay away from Bisphenol A.)

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