Polycarbonate Bottles

Now, let’s get the water out of the bottles

Our poly-carbonate bottles (closest to glass) all have moulded carrying handles. Our bottles are 15 litres in size, and we fill to approximately 15 3/4 litres.

DISPENSERS – We have a variety of dispensing methods available for our water-drinking customers:

Tap bottles with their own built-in tap.

Tap bottles require no separate dispensing device, and sit right-side up very nicely on a counter below most overhead cupboards.

They are easier to handle, as they do not need to be lifted up, turned over and dropped in place as with all of the following.

To use, a hole is punched in the top of the cap to avoid a vacuum, and when the water level inside the bottle drops to the tap, the cap is easily removed by pulling on the extended ‘tab’ and then the balance of the water can be poured out of the top of the bottle, as the bottle is much lighter now than when full.

The removed cap can be ‘snapped’ back in place.

Plastic and Ceramic Waterwells.

Non-cooled containers with a tap in the front, are popular where room temperature water is desired. The cap is removed and the bottle is carefully positioned upside down. Many of the newer ceramic types have a spear inside so that the cap does not need to be removed. The water-wells still have approximately 5 litres of water when the bottle on top is empty.

Fridge Packs.

5 litre rectangular container with its own dispensing tap and filled from another water bottle, or dispenser is kept in the refrigerator for chilled water. It has a space efficient shape.

Commercial ‘high producing’ Dispensers*.

These use an internal spear to poke a hole into the bottle cap as it is turned over and dropped into place so that the cap does not need to be removed. The internal spear probe means there is no more ‘aim and hope’ or ‘wet feet’ when putting a full bottle in place.


1 model for homes and offices – with 2 dispensing taps:


• Hot and Cold – 1st tap Cold (adjustable 12 – 5 deg c, producing 4.5 lit/hr.)

• 2nd safety (childproof) tap for Hot – coffee/tea – (approx. 85 – 90 deg c, producing 3 – 5 lit/hr.) or switched off for room temperature water.

Floor Dispensers:

2 models for homes and offices – each with 2 dispensing taps:


• 1st tap Cold (adjustable 5 – 12 deg c, producing 4.5 lit/hr.)

• 2nd Tap Room Temperature.

SECOND MODEL – Hot and Cold

• 1st tap Cold (adjustable 12 – 5 deg c, producing 4.5 lit/hr.)

• 2nd safety (childproof) tap for Hot – coffee/tea – (85 – 90 deg c, producing 7 lit/hr.) or switched of for room.temperature water.

* We issue no instructions on how to keep the insides of any of our chilled or hot dispensing units clean, because there is no accumulation of foreign objects or growth of algae typical of bottled spring waters. When we clean-out a cooler dispenser having used a spring water, we use a dilution of hydrogen peroxide first followed by a solution of bi-carb of soda. Our waters do not turn green and slimy when exposed to a bit of sunlight, so that the bottle need not be covered with a cardboard box or a specifically made spring water ‘shroud’.

Steam Distill your own water:

Portable – Home, Travelling, etc.

•  Top Health Distiller model MH 943TWS – 240v produces 4 litres in 6 hours of pure distilled water.

Small Water Bottles:

• Cartons: 24 x 600 ml  PET bottles of Refresh Pure Water® ultra pure drinking water.

• Cartons: 12 x 1.5 litre PET bottles of Refresh Pure Water® ultra pure drinking water.

• Disposable: 10 litre HDPE bottles with a pouring tap of Refresh Pure Water®

Refresh Pure Water® in Woolworth’s:

5-litre Refresh Pure Water® with its own convenient carrying handle is available in almost all Woolworth’s supermarkets in Qld, NSW, ACT, VIC and WA. Because of its purity and consistency, many customers also buy this pure distilled water for use to prevent build-up of objectionable calcium and other problematic minerals and metals in other waters.

Demineralised, Distilled and Deionised Water for Commercial Applications:

Any commercial applications calling for pure water can safely use our distilled water available from 1.5 litre to 1,000 litres.

Some producers will label their deionised or reverse osmosis waters as ‘distilled’. Be careful, because the application called for by the manufacturer probably means ‘steam distilled’.

Ours is genuine ‘steam distilled’, and could be used in any applications requiring pure water including for steam irons, wet cell batteries, radiators, colloidal and CPAP machines and autoclaves.

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