Which glass of water would you prefer

‘Yes, there is a choice, and a pure one at that’

But I need reassurance, because I learned differently about drinking waters!

I am guessing some of the above isn’t what you have always believed, so now, let me give you some additional water facts to help dispel some of the ‘folklore’ associated with the consumption of ‘ultra pure’ drinking water.

Ask any biochemist or physiologist and they will explain that the dissolved ‘inorganic’ minerals and metals found in water cannot be utilized by the cells – for nutrition – in the body.

Only ‘organic’ photosynthesised minerals and metals found in the foods we eat are capable of being absorbed by the body’s over 30 trillion cells, and some would say over 100 trillion cells.

Where have those ‘inorganic’ minerals and metals gone that the cells of the body cannot absorb?

• Let’s take calcium, said to be the most common mineral in the earth’s surface. Calcium (carbonate) in the ground is one of the main components in cement. Kidney and gall stones, some forms of arthritis, ossification of the brain (dementia), hardening of the arteries in concert with cholesterol, and inner-ear problems are directly related to the ‘in-organic’ calcium formed in the body from calcium in water!

This excludes our pure Refresh Pure Water® & Drinkup®.

All others including spring and mineral waters have the problem calcium (carbonate).

Check the bottle label of your water, and see the other problematic minerals in small print.

Why the small print if so good for us?

• Let’s take hardening of the arteries, which is caused by the calcium from water gradually building up inside the arteries along with cholesterol.

Take an X-ray and what is seen of the arteries is the calcium. Put the same person on a pure water like Refresh Pure Water® or Drinkup® for several months, take another X-ray, and the arteries may now be invisible.

The pure water circulated with the blood will have dissolved and assisted in flushing out the calcium from the arteries – the big visible ones on the X-ray.

Now, consider what has also happened with the flushing and clearing of the tiny blood vessels that make up over 100 kilometres of blood vessels in a human body.

Before you next consume any fruits and vegetables, think about what the trees and plants produce.

The liquid water portion of any fruits and vegetables is ‘pure’, and was actually distilled during the growing process.

There will not be any of the dirty ‘inorganic’ soil (that is both minerals and metals) mixed in with any of the water that was used to irrigate the plants.

The ‘dirty’ minerals and metals absorbed by the plant’s roots will be converted to an ‘organic’ form, and is ready for the body’s cells to accept and begin providing nutrition.

Rainwater produced by Mother Nature, high in the clouds (not to be confused with rainwater in a tankremains the best for the human body, and has been since time began.

The human body as it is known today has not evolved in the past 30,000 (thirty thousand) years.

Man then, did not have the ability to pump up ground water to drink, and that includes today’s spring water.

Drinking water should be natural – not alkaline as some would have us believe.

Our bodies are naturally alkaline – even with the highly acidic contents in our stomachs, skin and other organs.

If someone wants to drink alkaline water, drink town water as it is purposely made alkaline to avoid eating away the steel pipes in the ground by naturally (slightly) acidic rainwater produced by Mother Nature in her evaporation ‘distillation’ process.

Water is a subject we enjoy discussing both at the consumer and technical level, especially with those bottling and supplying spring and mineral waters.

Let’s assume you have had some problems understanding or believing parts or all of the above points on ‘folklore’.

And, you remain convinced the minerals and other invisible items in your tap, bore, and bottled spring and mineral waters are actually good for your body’s health.

Make it easy, and ask us or secure statistics from the Australian Government statistics covering recommended dietary mineral and metal intakes for infants, young children, boys, girls, men and women.

We used an actual freely available chemical analysis report from the Toowoomba City Council’s Mount Kynoch Water Treatment Plant.

The laboratory reports cover 5 minerals essential for the nutritional needs of the body – if they were ‘organic’ but they were water ‘inorganic’.

We calculated and listed below just how many 8 ounce (250 ml) glasses of that particular water would need to be drunk in order to obtain the cells of the body’s nutritional daily need for that mineral and metal.

Please remember that nutrition for the body’s cells is different from the need of basic water as a liquid to keep all of the body organs and functions operational..

Mineral/metal  8 ounce glasses required/day – based on Australian Gov. statistics:
Males Females
12-15 years 19-64 years 12-15 years 19-54 years
Iron 2000 – 2600 1400 2000 – 2600 2500 – 3400
Calcium 811 208 260 208
Magnesium 96 119 89 100
Sodium 150 – 374 150 – 514 150 – 374 150 – 374
Potassium 2500 – 6999 2500 – 6999 2500 – 6999 2500 – 6999

Looking at the above, and even if you are right – with the experts wrong – about getting helpful nutrition from ground waters, it sure is a lot of water to drink – every day.

Better to let the consumption of fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, and good quality supplemental vitamin products provide the body’s daily nutritional requirements.

We hope you will decide a pure water like Mother Nature’s original and continuing is the correct choice.

To reinforce an earlier statement, don’t expect to get nutrition from the water you drink, but remember there is no bodily function that can occur without water being present.

Like using good quality engine oil in your car, why not use good quality water in sufficient quantities in your body, as Mother Nature originally designed?

There’s only one body for you in this lifetime.

Refresh currently produce 2 suitable waters:

Our steam distilled Refresh Pure Water® and our reverse osmosis Drinkup®.

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