8″ Composite Filter – WJCUF8-P071

Coway Filter Cartridges pn: WJCUF8-P071

The Coway WJCUF8 Composite Ultrafiltration Filter is a 3 stage filter containing activated carbon, ceramic and hollow fiber ultrafiltration. The WJCUF8 will reduce bacteria, VOC, sediment, chlorine, taste and odor to improve the taste and quality of your drinking water.[1]https://www.freshwatersystems.com/p-10169-coway-wjcuf8-ew07g-composite-ultrafiltration-filter-8.aspx

• Reduces bacteria and VOC

• Reduces sediment, chlorine, taste and odor

• Should be replaced every 6 months

• Filter Media: activated carbon, ceramic and hollow fiber ultrafiltration

• Tested and certified by WQA to NSF/ANSI Standard 42

• This filter is also known as WJB-PS0059 and WJCUF8-EW07G


• Feed Water Temperature: 5 – 35 degree celsius (41 F – 94F)

• Maximum Flow Rate: 4L/min (0.92 gal/min)

• Operating Pressure: 69 kPa – 392kPa (10 psig – 57 psig)

• Maximum Pressure: 0.69 MPa (100 psig)

• Filtration Capacity: 3600L (951 gal)

• Optimum Usable Period: 12 months

• Material: Polysulfone (Korea), Actiated Carbon (Japan)


1 https://www.freshwatersystems.com/p-10169-coway-wjcuf8-ew07g-composite-ultrafiltration-filter-8.aspx



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